Indian Army & Islamic Terrorism

At the Indian Miliary Review (IMR) we are making it a point to interact with all Indian Companies that are doing Make in India for defense. We had recently gone to Kanpur to see an Indian company MKU ltd doing a fabulous Job on Fibre Glass helmets with mounted Night vision Monoculars and hands free communication as also Body armour and add on armour for Helicopters in CI areas. They are already exporting to Germany , France , Spain, Egypt and have recently had a breakthrough with the Army and CRPF in India. We found Essar is now making Warship grade steel( which we insist upon importing from Italy) as also high Grade laminated armour plates for Tanks and ICVs. Military Mettalurgy in India has made huge strides. I firmly feel we should now make an inventory of military related technologies that are available in India and BAN any Imports in these categories.
Another company is now making Israeli Small arms in India. Frankly after hearing their stories i got a feeling that we will have to strive hard for saving them from our own bureaucracy which backs the Public sector to remain in their comfort zone. Kalyani Forge has done such an excellent job with our ATGS. This 155/52 mm design is a world beater with a 47 Kms range and six rounds per minute burst fire capabilty. Yet Im told they were initially treated like lepers and not allowed to fire on our ranges. They had to test fire their Gun in USA!! It was only Manohar Parrikars intervention which saved this project from being strangled by the bureaucaracy. We need to urgently speed up the production and fielding of these long awaited Medium guns and for this MULTIPLE lines of production will have to be set up rapidly. Medium artillery had given Pak a huge advantage in the 1965 war especially in the Sialkot and Akhnur sectors..
There is a need for a very aggressive campaign to support the make in India initiative . We will be able to Indegeniose only and only if we involve our Private sector in a very big way

Enough is enough – time to put a Death Ground Strategy in Kashmir. Dismiss Mehbooba Muftis Govt- she has surruptuously done so much to strengthen the separatists and Hurriyat. Get Governors rule. Put Hurriyat hoodlums in jail Induct two or three additional Army divisions into South and central Kashmir. Launch Large scale cordon & Search Ops which can deal strongly with Stone pelters. Use Medium Artillery to punish all Paki posts facilitating Infiltration. If that is not enough use Air and rocket strikes and then launch Hot pursuit ops
We now need to deal firmly with these separatist scum. In the Seraiki belt of Punjab’s Pakistan, early morning of Friday an oil tanker overturned on the highway and petrol started to spill. A mullah from a local mosque alerted villagers to rush for the fatal bounty of the leaking fuel. People began to gather on the scene ‘armed’ with whatever utensils available to collect petrol. Motorway police tried in vain to stop this swelling madness but the crowd was too large to be controlled by them. A flash from a mobile or a cigarette butt ignited the fatal vapour mix and the result was a warzone scene of charred vehicles and burned bodies of 200 or more. The human misery and pain is unfathomable.

But the question is what prompted this? Is it poverty and economic insecurity of the improvished masses only? I think the issue is not about poverty, only. Those gathered on the accident scene, against commands of Police & collecting petrol in Jerry cans or filling their cars or motorcycles on the last Friday of the holy spiritual month of fasting were not starving or dying of hunger. The reasons run deeper into the national psyche. It’s a common scene on village roads to see a horde of people running after tractor trolleys plying sugarcane to sugar mills which gets half emptied on way as people would risk their life and limb to snatch one sugarcane stump. It’s about the dopamine of getting your share of the bounty. Right from the partition, Hindu & Sikhs evacuee properties became a bonanza for millions of refugees. From Mahmood Ghaznvi to Babar to Ghauri to Mohammad Bin Qasim this land has seen trampled by overseas plunderers in the name of religion.

Plunder is not an national anathema or shame, in Pakistan; rather it runs in the national blood. The savage plunderers and mass-killers are our adored heroes. Urdu and Punjabi literature abounds with idioms which eulogises anything which you lay hands upon. “Maal-a-ghaneemat” is not only war related term. “Maal-a-muft dillay bahrahem” “muft jo haath aay tu burra Kia hay” is fun, with no moral tantrums. This plunder mindset descends from the top tiers to the lowest echelons of the society, from politicians to patwari and from General to clerk. They would plunder and then would justify it by any means. A minion Ghaznavi lurks in everyone’s psyche.
Every opportunity of loot without consequences become a ‘somnath ka mandir’. That’s how our ‘Ghazis’ and ‘Shaheeds’ are born.